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Give your website the ability to scale on demand.
Tangent Solutions has developed an Azure-based product which allows clients to move their business and e-commerce website to the cloud in one afternoon, giving them a scalable, responsive and secure environment instantly.

It is no longer a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ your company is going to move to the cloud.
With the ever-changing digital landscape, Tangent Solutions has mastered the art of moving on-premises storage to the cloud.

Saturated with AI and Cybersecurity, Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform offers an agile, DevOps-driven e-commerce strategy that adjusts to your organisation’s needs.
In an afternoon, take your e-commerce site to the cloud and digitally transform your business into a scalable, responsive safe environment.

e-Lastic provides the ecommerce infrastructure for several large enterprises in South Africa, none of which suffered downtime during Black Friday shopping. Worst-case scenarios are catered for, preventing downtime and degradation of service.



Scales on demand catering for increased and decreased traffic.

High availability

State of the art failovers and disaster recovery, making sure your site is never offline.


Proactive & best of breed, allowing for controlled rather than responsive security systems.

Intelligent cloud

Technology that learns and aligns to help provide relevant insights.

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There is a whole new technological world available for your business; why haven’t you joined it?

Everyday something is being updated or invented. This statement might sound pretty obvious, but it is surprising that even though technology is advancing, many businesses aren’t.

Microsoft Cloud Storage – Why pay to manage a big server when you can move your business to the Cloud?

While Microsoft cloud storage has been a buzz word in technology circles for some time, many companies have opted to stay on their server-based websites as this  is what they know and trust.


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