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Code once, multiple devices
Using Xamarin, Tangent Solutions developers are able to:
1. Develop: Tangent Solutions developers create a single code base in Xamarin to produce applications across multiple platforms automatically.
2. Cross-Platform Applications: This allows development and code changes to be done on multiple devices quickly and cost effectively.
3. DevOps: DevOps is deployed throughout the development process to ensure applications are robust and performant once released to the stores.

Tangent Solutions, winner of the 2017 Microsoft Application Development Partner of the Year Award, will guarantee that your app will be ahead of the current trends, will have a solid performance across multiple devices and will be built quickly and economically.

At Tangent Solutions, Xamarin is our choice of technology. A hybrid tech that allows for rapid development of cross-platform applications, catering for both Android and Apple (iOS) users.

With two decades of mobile app specialisation, we help improve our clients’ operational efficiencies, enabling them to offer superior service.

Voice recognition and chatbots are just two of the many services Tangent Solutions can uniquely develop and customise for your business-specific requirements.


Quicker time to market

Giving you the innovative edge over your competitors.

Solid performance

Reliable service and quality your clients can depend on.

Luxurious design

Tailor-made creations suiting your every need.

Artificial intelligence

Leveraging off Azure’s artificial intelligence platform.

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Your company should be developing a mobile app – here’s why

How would you like to see your branding on mobile phones across the country? Sound good? We’ll make it better! How would you like to see millions of users interacting with your brand on a daily basis, actively seeking your company out and engaging with you?

Make sure your business is investing in the correct technology

Tangent Solutions, a Microsoft gold partner and the 2017 Microsoft App Dev Partner of the year can assist you on your digital transformation journey. Location-based apps, Chatbots, voice recognition, wearables, artificial intelligence


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