System Integration (Microservices)

Microservices are built on top of a company’s current system or database, allowing it to analyse services and break them down into silos.

What is a Microservice

Software services as suites of independently deployable services with common characteristics:

  • built around specific business capability,
  • automated deployments,
  • test driven development,
  • programming language independence,
  • database storage technology independence,
  • Intelligent end points


  • Built using open standards and can easily be customised for specific needs
  • Allows for the use of DevOps (Developers & IT collaboration)
  • Increased speed of development (docs, scaffolding apps)
  • Continuous integration (checking, automated code builds)
  • Automated deployments
  • Agile or waterfall or Bimodal software delivery
  • Developers are easier to find (stack is technology agnostic)
  • Completely customise the software to business needs
  • Gain access to a local and global pool of developers
  • Highly reliable (using open source platforms)
  • More flexibility (not tied down to proprietary product)
  • Technology agnostic
  • Reusability
  • No licensing required
  • Well documented