E-Commerce Solutions

If you’re looking to move your retail model online or simply to improve your existing e-Commerce experience, Tangent Solutions is not only experienced in building the digital platforms, but also in integrating the entire business on these platforms.  We are more than a company that simply builds e-commerce solutions on websites. Using microservices, we will bring all your customers together so you can reach them in store, on line and through mobile.

We give you exactly the e-Commerce solutions that your business needs to thrive online. The Tangent team make sure that we thoroughly understand your business strategies and processes, and translate these into an e-commerce website or app that delivers.

We have developed a substantial footprint in the e-Commerce space and have created our own e-Lastic Commerce, based on Magento and Azure. Our e-Commerce experts are well versed in optimisation, integration and analytics and are all passionate about working with our clients to help execute their digital retail strategy.


Using an intimate knowledge of usability, skilled web design and a very strong technical proficiency, Tangent Solutions builds enterprise level e-commerce web stores. These are capable of integrating with our clients’ preferred financial solutions – be that SAP, Pastel or MS Dynamics NAV or CRM.

Analytics & Metrics

Tangent Solutions will assist you in managing your online store to ensure continuous growth by analysing and interpreting Visitor & Site Statistics, User Actions, Revenue, Traffic Sources, Marketing and Operational Efficiency.


Through a focus on both Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) we can work with you to bring more clients to your online store through optimising the store for certain keywords that would be used in search engines. Once we have increased the number of visitors, we focus on increasing the rate at which they convert and make a purchase through the store. Using a variety of techniques, including A/B testing, customer insights recordings and heatmaps, we can analyse the performance of the store and optimize for greater conversion.