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Digital Transformation

digital transformation strategy

Digital Transformation

Tangent Solutions are the internal disruptors, transforming the way you deliver software into production.

We are here to assist you in evolving your business, decoding digital and making your systems and processes simple, safe and secure. Moving into the cloud with Azure is an effortless process with Tangent Solutions. We will ensure you understand the process and receive the correct digital transformation strategy tools for your business requirements. We can offer some of the best digital solutions in Africa. As an award-winning Microsoft gold partner, Tangent Solutions has a reputation for ensuring innovation and not only giving clients what they need, but offering the best, most cost-effective solutions, such as Nimble, the Cloudinator, smart mobile solutions and comprehensive e-commerce sites – using our iconic e-Lastic Commerce developments.

By using DevOps teams, Tangent Solutions can ensure clear communication, efficiency and a quicker time to market. When moving into the Azure cloud and mapping a clear digital transformation strategy your business, there is only one name that should come to mind – Tangent Solutions.



Tangent Solutions’ twenty years of experience has allowed us to automate systems that take our competitors weeks to build.


Our smart solutions for clearer communication and processes means the client gets a team that knows exactly how to cater for your digital requirements.


Tangent Solutions has been transforming, interrupting and finding innovative solutions for two decades. Our experience and track record have led to numerous awards and happy clients.

Innovation focused

Tangent Solutions places huge emphasis on innovation. We have embraced the intelligent cloud and are committed to finding unique solutions perfect for your business.

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Digital Transformation – You have made the decision to move to the cloud – now what?

You’ve taken digital transformation a bit more seriously have finally made that big decision to move to the cloud. You know it is the right thing to do – better savings, better security for your data and a huge advantage for your company – but the decision was just the easy part!

Artificial Intelligence technology is empowering people; Are you ready for it to empower your business?

As technology and the digital world continue to advance, businesses have the opportunity to empower their teams, allowing them to work smarter, not harder.


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