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Azure cloud

Tangent Solutions strongly believes in the cloud computing paradigm and have incorporated it into all of our development methodologies and solution designs. Using Azure Cloud solutions from Microsoft, we can enable the three essential pillars of software development through Cloud computing: Agility, Security, and Always-On capabilities.


Safe and secure

With 99.9% uptime and proactive machine learning based security recommendations, there is no risk of a security breach or data centre downtime affecting your solution.


Using Azure, we can automatically scale websites to manage load or alternatively can easily increase or decrease server specs as needed. There are no time or overhead costs to do this, unlike when it comes to physical hardware.

Platform as a Service

Azure has an extensive resource library of Platform as a Service offerings such as Azure Cloud Container Services and App Services which allow for managed environments for Microservice based architectures and application workloads.


Azure is easily able to integrate with existing IT infrastructure through secure private connections and their various encryption features.

Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure is a flexible, enterprise-grade Cloud computing platform that allows our team to build, deploy and manage applications using Microsoft’s global network of data centres. Azure forms an integral pillar of the Tangent approach providing safe, reliable and cost effective Cloud solutions for our clients.

There are a number of services available through the Azure platform.

Azure Web Applications

Azure Web Applications is the standard PaaS (Platform as a Service) offering on Azure. The Azure PaaS offering has quickly become an industry standard for hosting workloads due to its elasticity, managed infrastructure, point in time restore and ease of automation. PaaS offers substantial benefits both in terms of upfront cost efficiencies, but also efficiency with regards to operational and maintenance costs due to it being fully managed within Azure.

Azure Security Centre

Stay ahead of current and emerging cloud threats with an integrated, analytics-driven approach. By combining Microsoft global threat intelligence and expertise, with insights into cloud security-related events across your Azure deployments, Security Center helps you detect actual threats early and reduce false positives. Cloud security alerts give you insights into the attack campaign, including related events and impacted resources, and suggest ways to remediate issues and recover quickly.

Azure Load Balancer

Azure’s load balancer delivers high availability and network performance to your applications. It is a Layer 4 (TCP, UDP) load balancer that distributes incoming traffic among healthy instances of services defined in a load-balanced set.

Azure Web Application Firewall

The Azure web application firewall (WAF) can be viewed as a living security layer in front of your application. Azure applies any learnings it gets from other sites that were attacked to its WAF automatically. Which means that you always have protection against the latest attack signatures.

A web application firewall is an essential component of any web infrastructure and protects against malicious attacks, common exploits and cross-site scripting attacks. A centralised WAF protects against web attacks and simplifies security management without requiring any application changes.