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Intelligent Automation

Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast.

We leverage off the power of Intelligent Automation to provide services that support our clients strategically and operationally as they confront the largest challenges presented by an industry in rapid evolution. We harness next generation technology and practices to deliver a comprehensive range of digital transformation solutions to strengthen our clients’ position in the marketplace as we are entering into the new world of automation.


Higher Quality & Accuracy

Robotic Process Automation software robots are programmed to follow rules. They never get tired and never make mistakes. They are compliant and consistent.

Enforced Compliance & Accountability

Once instructed, RPA robots execute reliably, reducing risk. Everything they do is monitored. You have the full control to operate in accordance with existing regulations and standards.

Cost Savings

RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 80%. In less than 12 months, most enterprises already have a positive return on investment, and potential further accumulative cost reductions can reach 20% in time.

Guaranteed Consistency & Scalability

Across business units & geographies, RPA performs a massive amount of operations in parallel, from desktop to cloud environments. Additional robots can be deployed quickly with minimal costs, according to work flux & seasonality.

Increased Productivity & Reliability

Employees are the first to appreciate the benefits of RPA as it removes non-value-add activities and relieves them from the rising pressure of work.

Non-Invasive & Swift Deployment

No disruption to underlying legacy systems, reducing the burden on IT.



Facts about Intelligent Automation

The power of Intelligent Automation lies in combining the capabilities of automation technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with business improvement methodologies to deliver standardised waste-free automated processes at a pace and cost more advantageous than other business strategies. It’s about creating the ideal opportunity to significantly improve process outcomes, quality, costs, and cycle times across business units.

Tangent Solutions utilises diverse, cutting edge tools and methodologies to deliver Intelligent Automation services and solutions to satisfy each client’s unique requirements. Our consulting teams are solution-focused, where we engage flexibly with clients to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency, reduced operational costs and a solid platform for automated scalability. Powered by our partnerships, we aim to change people, processes & perceptions.

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Robotic Process Automation

Over the past decade, the term RPA has become commonplace in enterprises. The robotic process automation (RPA) is the technological capability that allows the streamlining of operations in enterprises and reduce their costs. It allows enterprises to automate their mundane and tedious processes, thereby enabling users to enhance their productivity through higher value-adding tasks.


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