Vodacom Fibre Mobile App

Tangent Solutions provides the distributed microservices system for Vumatel’s fibre to the home ordering process.

Client: Vumatel

Category: Azure, DevOps, Web Development

Date: September 2018

Business Challenge

Vumatel has several third-party systems handling its fibre infrastructure: each one operating on different network management and business reporting systems. The biggest challenge Vumatel faced was streamlining the ordering process as each network operates a different method for onboarding a customer.

How we helped

The Tangent Solutions team developed microservices architecture on AKS. This enables continuous delivery and deployment of information from various networks into a single interface. Vumatel can therefore create one onboard environment for all its customers in providing internet services to the respective homes. This streamlined the process from two days to minutes, if all requirements are met.


The first version of the system was released earlier this year. It has positively impacted the way Vumatel sells fibre to the home. Tangent Solutions is currently in the process of releasing version two, envisioned to increase cost benefits and enhance the customer experience.