Vodacom Leads Management App

Android and iOS mobile app for smartphones and tablets

Client: Vodacom Business

Category: Azure, Xamarin, DevOps

Date: April 2018

The Direct Sales app offers account managers the ability to create and manage opportunities on the go, including managing accounts that are linked to them. It also offers the functionality of creating a sales note (information on a client) that can later be converted into an opportunity. Account managers can keep in contact with potential clients and never miss a lead.

Business Challenge

Vodacom account managers would go to events and meet potential clients. Contact details would either be written down or business cards exchanged. Problems often arose when the paper would get lost. Compiling a paper-based tracking list of potential clients is a cumbersome process.

How we helped

The app offers security by authenticating the user and then loading only accounts that are linked to the user.

The following features provide convenience in the following way:

  1. Sales Note
    1. Compile information about the client and later convert the note to an opportunity
    2. Take a picture i.e. the face of the client or the client’s business card
  2. Account Management
    1. Create a contact for an account
    2. List all opportunities and contacts linked to an account
    3. Edit details of a contact
    4. Edit details of an opportunity.

Technology Stack utilised in the process

  • Microsoft teams
  • App center
  • Xamarin forms
  • Xamarin test cloud
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Azure DevOps
  • Nuget Package Manager

Since the app was launched a visible and statistical reduction in requests has been reported.

The app was created for both Android and iOS mobile smartphones.


The app is available from both the Android and iOS app stores.