Vodacom Fibre Mobile App

Android and iOS mobile app for smartphones and tablets

Client: Vodacom Business

Category: Azure, Xamarin, DevOps

Date: April 2018

Tangent Solutions now provides a mobile solution, which enables Vodacom fibre customers to self-service their active Vodacom fibre accounts. Customers no longer need to call Vodacom directly to request information. All information, and the ability to log service calls are at the fingertips of each customer.

Business Challenge

Vodacom was flooded with calls requesting uptime for connected devices on active fibre services. The Telco needed to simplify the process, while enabling customer services to deal with more serious issues affecting customers.

How we helped

The Tangent Solutions mobile team developed a mobile app allowing customer data and usage to be displayed in the app. Authentication was implemented and is directly linked to a user’s billing account to ensure secure logins.

Included in the application are the following features:

  • Data balance
    Check data balance for monthly data allocation and top-up data
  • Buy top-ups
    Buy top-up data when you run out of your monthly data allocation
  • Usage
    Check how you used your data on a weekly and monthly basis
  • Internet connectivity
    View last uptime reported by your Vodacom router
    Constantly monitor the speed of your Wi-Fi from your Vodacom router by running a speed test
  • Service requests
    Log service requests directly to Vodacom Customer Care via the app
  • Connected devices
    Check all devices connected to your Vodacom router over Ethernet or WiFi.

Technology Stack utilised in the process

  • Microsoft teams
  • App center
  • Xamarin forms
  • Xamarin test cloud
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Azure DevOps
  • Nuget Package Manager

Since the app was launched a visible and statistical reduction in requests has been reported.

The app was created for both Android and iOS mobile smartphones.


The app is live and downloadable from the Android and iOS app stores.