Tile Shazaam Mobile App

CTM Persprctive2

Mobile application built using Xamarin and Azure App Services and Azure Cognitive Services

Client: CTM

Category: Mobile App

Date: June 2017

CTM has embarked on an exciting digital transformation strategy which has been lead by the ongoing successes of the e-Commerce on Azure webstore. Tangent Solutions conceived an idea where by CTM could make the entire world a marketing platform. Making use of the Azure Custom Vision API and integrating with the CTM web store, Tangent Solutions developed a mobile application that gave tile shoppers a ‘Shazam’ type experience.

App Screenshots

Business Challenge

Create more frequent engagements with the CTM customers by providing systems of value, driving customer loyalty and improving the frequency of repeat customer business.

How we helped

Tangent conceived a mobile application built using Xamarin which allows user of the app to take a photo of a tile, tap or bathroom accessory, and then be presented with the closet possible matches available in the CTM web store, with prices and the ability to add to a shopping cart. The mobile application made us of Xamarin Forms, Azure App Services, Azure Cognitive Services through the us of the Custom Vision API. The solution integrated with the Linux on Azure hosted Magento webstore, allowing real time pricing and stock availability with a single customer presence in the CTM digital eco-system.


The Azure powered mobile application has become part of CTM’s new digital strategy. Through the use of continual machine learning the mobile application has the ability to offer a high level of accuracy on recommendations to the customer. Conversation as a Service has also been introduced to the mobile application to drive customer turnaround and provide cross-selling opportunities.