Nedbank Mobile Devops

Client: Nedbank

Category: Azure, DevOps

Date: March 2019

Nedbank is one of the big four banks in South Africa. It was on a strong drive to modernise its IT throughout the whole company. One of the critical initiatives in driving this process forward was rolling out DevOps throughout the organisation.

Tangent Solutions was a thought leader in this process. The company is working with Nedbank’s Group IT in driving their DevOps process through the organisation. At the same time evangelising best practises both within Nedbank and the project teams involved on the vast number development project in the Nedbank.

Business Challenge

In its modernisation process, Nedbank discovered it was having issues with one of its mobile applications. The financial institution was having problems when conducting maintenance on the app along, with adding new features to it. The stability of the app was also problematic.

This situation created an excellent opportunity for Tangent Solutions to introduce Azure DevOps, Microsoft’s DevOps tooling to the company as the solution. The result was Tangent Solutions selling 250 Azure DevOps licences to the financial institution.

The biggest challenge for Tangent Solutions was training 250 Nedbank developers via Skype with personnel situated around the world.

How we helped

Tangent Solutions introduced Azure DevOps as an encompassing DevOps tool to manage the development lifecycle, to provide CI/CD and operational monitoring of the mobile application. This allowed Tangent Solutions, through Azure DevOps to enable the banking institution to gain a better understanding the stability issues.

Tangent Solutions says this also enabled Nedbank to manage their large and remotely located development teams better. It is allowing them to work closely so that future feature releases will smoothly merge with that of other teams involved in the development and vastly improve the success and agility of the project as a whole.


The problematic mobile application has been stabilised and the development teams are now able to deliver the results the mobile app was envisaged to deliver when it launched it to its customers. Azure DevOps is a new concept for the financial institution, enabling the bank to monitor its releases with a level of predictability. The business is also better informed of the progress made with the delivery of the relevant features for the mobile application.


Nedbank is now in an excellent position to advance its modernisation process forward along with ensuring its mobile application is continuously up to date, works effectively and efficiently. This has enabled the financial institution to create a great customer experience for its clients, so both the bank and the app users are able to engage effectively with one another continually.

The bank is now in the position to benefit from the great features Microsoft offers, in further growing its digital experiences both today and tomorrow.

Technologies Used

  • Azure DevOps
  • 250 licenses
  • DevOps

Development Process