Investec and Tangent Solutions – a partnership for the future.

Client: Investec

Category: Mobile Development

Date: March 2017

When Investec launched their new app in 2012, it was one of the only banking apps that allowed customers to trade on the JSE directly from their mobile phones. This was one of the many features Tangent Solutions made possible when they developed an app for Investec, one of the biggest private banks in the country. With an already established relationship, built on transparency and trust – Investec approached Tangent Solutions who, at the time, had only been in the tech space for two years. The development team were confident that they had the skills, expertise and drive to create an app that would not only serve its intended purpose for Investec but would be able to change and adapt through the many technological advancements the future held.

André du Toit, general manager at Tangent Solutions said, “We designed the app with the future in mind. We believe that it is not the job of the client to think about the future or ask technical questions about the mechanics of an app. This is a job Tangent Solutions takes seriously. We know that not every client is going to be tech-savvy, but we are, which is why great partnerships are able to form. They understand their business, we understand tech and can make their requirements a reality.”

The team used hybrid development for the app, utilising a single code base which was shared across multiple platforms. This hybrid development approach gave the Investec app a quicker time to market.

It was during the build of this app, that Tangent Solutions was first introduced to Microsoft. Years later, Tangent Solutions would not only be an award-winning gold partner, but Dave Nel, Tangent Solutions’ founder would become the Microsoft regional director.

The Tangent Solutions team was in communication with Microsoft for a Windows port on the Investec app. It was the relationship that started during this project that assisted in the strong relationship the two companies now have.
As technology and the banking industry changed throughout the years, Tangent Solutions were able to adapt the app and the mechanics behind it to match. The experience taught Tangent Solutions that they were capable of developing applications that can adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape which we find ourselves living in today.

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