Dis-Chem Pharmacies


Mobile application built using Xamarin and Azure

Client: Dis-Chem Pharmacies

Category: Mobile App

Date: July 2017

Dis-Chem required the development of a mobile solution as part of their digital transformation strategy. The application developed by Tangent Solutions enables their customers to track both their loyalty rewards as well as to order prescriptions online.

in partnership with Arc Interactive

App Screenshots

Business Challenge

The Dis-Chem CRM environment was extremely fragmented, with incomplete and inconsistent customer data. This meant that the company did not have a single view of each customer and struggled to allocate reward points correctly. In addition, Dis-Chem was looking for a digital solution to reduce the queuing time at their pharmacies.

How we helped

Tangent’s mobile application provided an online registration system for customers, allowing Dis-Chem to consolidate the fragmented customer accounts and to substantially clean up the data. In addition, queuing times were greatly reduced as customers were able to order their prescriptions through the application and could simply pick up their order from the counter.

The solution is built on Xamarin Native for Android and iOS and is e-commerce enabled. The API layer is deployed in Azure with integration to on-premises data centres that run SAP


Three months after the application went live, the data of approximately 1600 Dis-Chem customers has been cleaned up and consolidated. This work has proved to be one of the first major improvements coming out of the company’s digital strategy. The solution has improved queuing time, reduced operational costs and delivered a secure and robust platform that has improved the customer experience.