Ceramic Industries


Mobile application built PhoneGap. Web development (Server side) built in C# WebAPI. Azure App Services

Client: Ceramic Industries

Category: Mobile App, Azure, Web Devlopment, DevOps

Date: June 2017

Ceramics Industries, a leading manufacturer of tiles and bathroomware, frequently want to enhance their customers’ experience by deploying sales agents to stores such as CTM to attend to any queries, as well as improve the clients’ interaction with Ceramics’ products. Data was being captured on a number of different platforms such as Ceramics SAP, Italtile SAP, Excel and Outlook. The company needed a comprehensive, digital solution to cut down on reporting time and capture feedback effectively.

App Screenshots

Business Challenge

Visiting clients was not always a smooth, easy process. If the agents wanted access to SAP, they needed to connect to a VPN – which would be tough in bad network areas and often led to disconnection from the VPN. This meant that the agents would have to remember all the transactions to input into SAP at a later stage, and provide feedback to the customer about their store visit after hours.

This would sometimes lead to disagreements about arrangements made during the visit.

How we helped

Tangent Solutions developed a mobile solution whereby the sales agents can now connect to the Internet and access a single, comprehensive toolkit in real time. After completing a store visit with the customer, both parties can instantly sign on-screen, agreeing to everything that was discussed during the visit. This feedback can then be emailed immediately, cutting down on incorrect or incomplete data being captured. The toolkit is also developed in story mode, enabling even a new Ceramics employee to get up and running.


This digital solution has dramatically improved Ceramics’ customer service. The sales agents are now able to provide their services efficiently, saving time for both Ceramics Industries and their clients. Disagreements after store visits have also declined resulting in a more beneficial, profitable relationship with their clients.

Digital transformation has also enabled them to onboard new employees effortlessly through an easy to use solution.