Revolutionising field research with digital transformation.

Client: BrandWorx

Category: Mobile Development

Date: March 2017

When connecting with distinct brands on different scales, access to information and the privilege to develop insights, which lead to strategically planned answers, is key.

This is something that BrandWorx, one of the leading channel development organisations in Africa, recognised when they began their digital journey with Tangent Solutions. Although the brand was already using a mobile app to conduct their market research, the app was limiting and not at the level they required. BrandWorx approached Tangent Solutions in the hope of developing something exceptional – naturally, Tangent Solutions was up for the challenge.

One of the biggest hurdles that the brand faced was the need for their app to retain data and adapt offline. BrandWorx’s clients often must do field research in rural areas where access to the internet is scarce. The app also needed to be easy to use and have a simple user interface with a complex built.

The app is designed for full offline usage, allowing managers to set out schedules for researchers, who are then able to complete 1000 surveys before reconnecting the app and uploading information. The app also allows for questions to be adapted offline – depending on the information received by the application, giving researchers real-time data to work with.

Tangent Solutions built the BrandWorx app using Xamarin and C# which was deployed into the Azure Cloud within five months of initial development. Using DevOps, Tangent Solutions could streamline processes, giving the client a quicker time to market and a quality app.

Not only does the app serve as a research tool but as a calendar for researchers so that they can keep track of the work that they are doing. Once a researcher completes a survey the app automatically updates the questions to highlight the data that was previously entered.

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