BrandWorx Image Recognition

A mobile app with an online backend system using Symphony, a PHP Framework

Client: BrandWorx

Category: Azure, Xamarin, Azure Cognitive services

Date: June 2018

Tangent Solutions developed object prediction software, where the system can be trained to recognise objects, like those on shelf or in an open fridge, with reasonable accuracy.

Business Challenge

BrandWorx required a system for its clients to log items on a shelf in any type of environment. This must be done in an efficient manner, and sidestep manual processes to minimise the risk of human error.

How we helped

Tangent Solutions built an app, which can be deployed in multiple countries across Africa. It can also sync data into a single platform enabling BrandWorx to consolidate its reporting.


BrandWorx’s clients can now walk in to any shop in the world, take a picture, upload it and the system will calculate the type and number of products there are on that shelf.