Adcorp Time and Attendance

Adcorp required the development of a desktop app where timesheets could be captured, and either approved or disputed by a client.

Client: Adcorp

Category: Azure, Web Development

Date: July 2018

Business Challenge

The manual process of capturing a timesheet and sending to client for approval was prone to human error. An added problem was that the turnaround time for the timesheet to be approved, was long.

How we helped

Tangent Solutions developed a solution, which is hosted on Azure. The system allows clients, managers, account holders and assignees to capture their timesheets online. At the same time, it handles all validations and guides the user during the capturing process. It can also perform real-time calculations.


Tangent Solutions provided the necessary solution whereby the app is plugged into Adcorp’s backend system. This enables all timesheets to be captured and action can now be updated immediately.