Dev Ops - Bridging the Divide

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Dev Ops Scenario

Ever heard a developer saying “it works on my machine” or “works fine in development, it’s now an operations problem”

Ever heard operations saying “let’s deploy the code and pray” or “it’s not a server problem, it’s the code”

In an organisation you have 2 teams that need to work together, developer teams (software engineers) and operations teams (sysadmins). They often see each other as “us and them”.

The Dev-Ops Divide

These 2 teams have contradictory goals and processes:

Developer Teams Operations Teams
Want change I want stability
Want to add / modify features I want to create / enhance services
Don’t always deploy consistent software Motivation to resist change
Development process is Agile Operations process is static  (list of procedures to follow)



How Tangent Solutions enhances Dev Ops?

Dev Ops is an approach to bridge the gap between software development and operations who depend on each other when delivering software to customers.

Tangent Solutions uses Dev Ops to enhance the collaboration between development and operations to enable us to deliver software quicker and of a higher quality.

Benefits to the business

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Releases are quicker and more stable
  • Better quality
  • Better collaboration between development and operations
  • Faster learning whether a new feature is wanted by the customer
  • Less (new features can be rolled out and tested by the customer very quickly)

Tangent DevOps Tools