Our approach

Transparency, communication, process and quality

Tangent is a strong proponent of the agile project management methodology. Our projects make use of a unique hybrid process – ‘The Tangent Solution’, which includes a combination of Microservices, Azure, Test-driven development (TDD) and performance testing. Our DevOps approach aims to keep clients informed and up-to-date at all times to ensure that our team of developers are building to your exact requirements. A key principle of our approach is a focus on clean, high-quality code – achieved through the adoption of industry best practices – while at the same time focusing on delivering often and early.

Deliver early, deliver often

We believe very strongly in delivering value early and taking an iterative approach to solution delivery. We work with our clients to establish a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and align our deployment strategy from the beginning of the process. This allows us to be agile, open to change and quick to adapt. By keeping the feature list short and simple, the MVP can help acquire the relevant knowledge and raise key risks for the project. Because it is impossible to know the full scope and requirements of a solution during the analysis phase, many valuable lessons can be learnt by exposing the solution to the “wild” and learning how users truly want to use the system.

Quality processes, quality delivery

We combine experienced leadership, creative talent, software engineering excellence and the highest performance standards to deliver projects on time without compromising on quality. We use strict practices and tools for our developers to ensure the best quality code is delivered, and also provide code quality analysis reports to our customers to ensure project satisfaction. Tangent also implements Test-driven development (TDD) and a high level of testing automation when developing our solutions. This includes unit tests, functional tests and integration tests which ensures the robustness of the solution.

Iterate and collaborate

We implement a systematic, phased delivery where clients are involved at every stage. This approach limits the risk for all parties, enables an early return on investment, and can help to reduce the capital expenditure required for the solution.

Transparent communication

We incorporate DevOps practices and use advanced development methodologies, including established cloud project management platforms such as Jira and Visual Studio Team Services that give our clients full visibility of the project at all times. Our innovative client engagement model enables proactive communication with our clients throughout the project.