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Our Latest Case Studies


Tangent Solutions provides the distributed microservices system for Vumatel’s fibre to the home ordering process.

Nedbank BizDevOps (DevOps culture)

Tangent Solutions is helping Nedbank employees to go through procedures of different DevOps tool-chains such as Jira, Bitbucket, MS Teams etc.


Adcorp required the development of a desktop app where timesheets could be captured, and either approved or disputed by a client.

Travel IT

Android and iOS mobile app for smartphones and tablets



When Investec launched their new app in 2012, it was one of the only banking apps that allowed customers to trade on the JSE directly from their mobile phones.


When connecting with distinct brands on different scales, access to information and the privilege to develop insights, which lead to strategically planned answers, is key.

african bank

African Bank

When a bank claims to be ‘for the people’ how do they follow through with a strategy that proves they are truly ‘for the people?’

Ceramic Industries

Mobile application built PhoneGap. Web development (Server side) built in C# WebAPI. Azure App Services

Shooting Stuff

Responsive e-commerce website using Magento 2 and Microsoft Azure