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Using their niche skill set, Tangent Solutions created Cloudinator – an automated infrastructure deployment solution that utilises pre-built templates. These templates allow existing sites and CM’s to be automatically deployed to the Azure cloud with minutes.

  1. Existing site/CMS is backed up.
  2. Templates are built for each individual programming language.
  3. The templates are pushed into Azure where the site is secure and highly available.
  4. The deployment is quick – saving clients time and money.
  5. Moved to the Azure cloud within minutes!

The Cloudinator, a unique, niche offering by Tangent Solutions, moves your company’s website to the Azure cloud in a matter of minutes.

A fully automated process, Cloudinator allows us to back up your static CMS website onto a pre-built template, which can then be pushed onto Azure.
The Tangent Solutions team has optimised configurations on each template to ensure the best performance when deploying your application, providing your business with secure infrastructure which is always available.

The Cloudinator can transform your business as quickly as the data is able to transfer, saving you developer costs and time. We, at Tangent Solutions, have a strong belief in the cloud-computing paradigm, which is why we have incorporated this into all our development methodologies and solution designs.


Speed to deploy

Automated, pre-built templates allowing for speedy development.

Scalable infrastructure

A morphing platform scaling on demand.


Minimising developing hours, saving you money.


Leveraging off world-class cybersecurity .

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