Mobile Solutions

Intelligent mobile solutions

We know that mobility is the future of enterprise and personal computing, which is why we specialise in mobile app development services to enable businesses from a mobile perspective. To improve operational efficiencies and to better service your customers, we will work with you to create a full mobile strategy, including the development of a comprehensive and complementary suite of mobile solutions.

Be Mobile

Through our custom solutions we can develop a mobile solution to suit your unique requirements. Through consultation and a close working relationship, we will develop a mobile app that will increase efficiency and improve your customer’s experience.

Cross-platform Technologies

We offer and implement solutions on Android, Apple iOS and Windows OS. These solutions are built using either native or cross-platform (hybrid) technologies such as PhoneGap or Ionic.

ERP Integration

Our mobile solutions are capable of integrating into various ERP environments and we have a very strong track record with SAP and Oracle Siebel CRM integrated solutions in particular.

The Tangent Success

Tangent Solutions has been offering Mobile Solutions since its establishment in 2010 and has successfully completed a number of projects for large corporate clientele.


Xamarin is a hybrid mobile app development technology that enable developers to rapidly produce cross-platform applications to cater for both Android and Apple (iOS) users.

Benefits of Xamarin

  • Quicker time to market
    The ability to develop cross-platform at the same time allows your mobile app to be developed in the quickest time possible, without sacrificing on quality.
  • Solid performance
    Xamarin applications do not suffer from poor performance common to other hybrid applications. This is due to the fact that Xamarin runs on the Mono framework on Android and compiles to XCode on iOS.
  • Luxurious design
    A 100% native look and feel can be provided by a Xamarin mobile application. The ability to separate view and logic also allows for an even stronger adoption of the native user paradigms.
  • Coding sharing
    There are many benefits of a shared code and logic when it comes to developing a mobile app for multiple platforms. The architectural and technical execution of the application improves substantially and the cost is reduced.