Bespoke web solutions

Having a professional online presence is essential today. Whether you’re looking to publish useful information on your business for clients to read, or you want to develop something more complex, Tangent Solutions has a dedicated team to help you deliver this.

Through leveraging open source technologies such as Python, PHP and Ruby on Rails, Tangent is able to deliver world class applications and websites to improve your business. These technologies allow for rapid development and lend themselves toward micro-services using container orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.

Our approach

Design & Build

We design and build web apps that can deliver on your business strategy.. At Tangent, we use a blend of technologies that allow you to get exactly the website you need, with all the functions it needs to have.

The Tangent Solution

Using the Tangent Solution we work closely with you throughout the process. This allows you to constantly monitor progress to ensure that we are developing a solution that fits your requirements exactly.