Mobile Apps Invest in Correct Technology

Make sure your business is investing in the correct technology

Tangent Solutions, a Microsoft gold partner and the 2017 Microsoft App Dev Partner of the year can assist you on your digital transformation journey. Location-based apps, Chatbots, voice recognition, wearables, artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the vogue words when discussing the future of mobile apps. The question you must ask yourself –…

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CloudinatorDigital Transformatione-Lastic CommerceMobile Apps cloud-computing

Why pay to manage a big server when you can move your business to the cloud?

While the cloud has been a buzz word in technology circles for some time, many companies have opted to stay on their server-based websites as it is what they know and trust. Be that as it may, this old technology is unreadable, inefficient and unpredictable, not to mention costly. At Tangent Solutions, we believe in…

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Digital Transformatione-Lastic Commerce CTM case study

Technology changes daily – ensure your business stays relevant

The year 1995 marked the advent of online shopping sites pioneered by and eBay. A revolutionary moment in consumer history. Consumer habits however, were slow to adjust. Tangent Solutions, providing leading edge technology, ensured that CTM was the first to digitally transform, thereby giving them an advantage over their competitors. Their new website enabled…

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Inspire Day 3: 12 July 2017

Post 5: Day 3/Last day of Inspire 2017 Every morning at this point I’m finding it more difficult to get up. This week has been absolutely exhausting. Inspiring, eye-opening, business changing and definitely exhausting. The last keynote address was off the beaten track which I found to be quite refreshing. The key note started with…

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